Plan Your Congress

Step 1


To ensure adequate space (both in-person and online) and to get the best price, be sure to register by January 1, 2022.


If you have already registered, be sure to nominate yourself or your university program/center for a global award. 

Step 2

Book Your Flight

We are aware of the current COVID-19 restrictions internationally.The 2023 World Congress is a HYBRID event. Therefore, all those who are vaccinated and willing to travel will be welcome to join us in Gwangju South Korea in July 2023.

Step 3

Arrive at Your Hotel

World Congress attendees are welcome to stay wherever they please. However for your convenience we have compiled a list of hotels that are well situated for your attendance at the Congress as well as your visitation throughout Gwangju.

Step 4

July 10

Pre-Conference | Explore Gwangju

Step 5

July 11

Academy | Marketplace | Womenpreneurs

Step 6

July 12

Policy Day & World Congress Opening Reception

Step 7

July 13

ICSB Research at Kimdaejung Convention Center

Step 8

July 14

ICSB Research at Kimdaejung Convention Center & AGM Board Meeting
Signature Gala