2024 ICSB World Congress

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Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future

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Convening world entrepreneurship leaders, research, and practitioners to advance the work of small businesses worldwide.

The 68th ICSB World Congress


Embark on a transformative journey with us in Berlin in 2024 for the 68th ICSB World Congress, where the theme, “Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future,” serves as our north star guiding towards impactful change and nurturing entrepreneurial leaders amid global challenges like climate change and poverty. Entrepreneurship, intertwining economic triumph with ethical mindfulness, propels us towards a future that harmonizes financial success and ethical responsibility, especially amid the critical global challenges of climate change and poverty.

Join us in Berlin, a symbol of innovation and freedom, and contribute to the collaborative energy, sharing ideas, enhancing knowledge, and working towards unraveling the extensive socio-economic potentials of entrepreneurship on a global scale. Let’s catalyze transformative ventures, fuel ethically responsible entrepreneurship, and illuminate a future abundant with innovation, responsibility, and impactful leadership. Berlin 2024 awaits to ignite futures with you!

ICSB invites everyone to join our global community in Berlin, Germany to exhibit and celebrate their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial achievements in advancing small businesses.

Meet Us in Berlin, Germany

July 2024 | ICSB World Congress

Coming Again this year

ICSB, an organization created by academics, has constantly striven to overcome the barriers between academia, professionals, policymakers, and executors of entrepreneurial action and practice. ICSB continues to take their annual World Congress to the next level this year by perfecting specific programs and workshops for entrepreneurs to bring about entrepreneurial excellence in your organization or firm.


Bringing students from around the world together for an intensive, week-long experience that challenges, stimulates, and builds entrepreneurial skills.


Supporting small businesses and start-ups through networking, funding opportunities, and training sessions so that they can grow to their fullest potential.


Inviting researchers to present original articles examining entrepreneurship and small business.


Equipping women entrepreneurs and educators with the tools, experience and networks necessary to define  and find success.


Why Hybrid?

Following the success of the hybrid 2021 ICSB World Congress, we continue to deliver our annual World Congress both in-person and virtually. Our events are meant to be a meeting place for all stakeholders in the small business and entrepreneurship community. It is here where attendees and participants are able to ground themselves in our community while working to propel the studies of entrepreneurship forward. Remaining hybrid means remaining accessible to all, ensuring that each participant can reap the full benefits of attending while staying safe.

How we make it happen

Alongside in-person events, this year’s World Congress also includes live streamed sessions through Zoom, digital discussion board and meet-up rooms through our conference app Whova, and tech support from the ICSB World Congress team.



At the 66th ICSB World Congress, hosted in Washington D.C.,  USA, from July 5th to 8th, 2022, global leaders gathered to center the experiences of small businesses globally.