Call for Participation: ICSB Doctoral Consortium

Due by May 31, 2024


The ICSB 2024 Doctoral Consortium provides a unique opportunity for students close to finishing or recently completing their doctorate to interact with experienced researchers in entrepreneurship and small business. A senior member of the community will be assigned as a mentor for each student based on the student’s preference or similarity of research interests. All students and mentors will attend a Doctoral Consortium event during the conference (in-person or virtual), allowing the students to discuss their ongoing research and career plans with their mentors. In addition, each student will present at the Doctoral Consortium event their dissertation (proposal stage or completed), describing their thesis research or a single recent paper, to the other participants and their mentors. Participation in the Doctoral Consortium events during the conference (in-person or virtual) is required for all students accepted for the ICSB 2024 Doctoral Consortium.


Students must be conducting research in entrepreneurship or small business and be within 12 months (before or after) of graduating with their doctoral degree.

Submission Guidelines

Students that meet the eligibility requirements should submit an application using a web form (see below). 

In addition, the applicant must submit the following as a single pdf file:

  • The applicant’s CV.
  • A two-page research statement summarizing the applicant’s research and progress to date.
  • The research title and author list will be presented at the consortium.
  • A signed note from their advisor confirming the graduation date.
  • Register for the ICSB Congress to attend in person or online.


Review Process and Notifications

  • Acceptance Letters will be sent no later than June 5, 2024
  • Mentors will be assigned by July 1, 2024

Chair, of ICSB Doctoral Consortium

Susana C. Santos, PhD

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University.