Why Sponsor the 2024 World Congress?

ICSB is calling all promoters of small units of change and supporters of economic prosperity to join us at the 2024 World Congress: Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future Improving our current systems in place requires a humane form of entrepreneurship, and self-starters that adopt this framework are set to be the business titans of tomorrow.


You are invited to take direct action for the global small business community. Join us.

2024 World Congress

Prestige SponsorPillar SponsorDynamic SponsorTranscendent SponsorKnowledge Sponsor
As the presenting sponsor of the ICSB World Congress, the Prestige Sponsor is an integral part of ensuring that the conference reaches as many micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and attendees as possible. With the generous support of your organization, small businesses around the world will reap the benefits of gathering with likeminded individuals, learning the latest research, and discussing how to optimize their futures. The Prestige Sponsor is the leading sponsor of an award of their choosing, which will honor the best and brightest from around the world at the Signature Gala Dinner on the final night of the Congress. Lead the way into the future together with ICSB as a leading sponsor.One of the high-level sponsorships available at the ICSB World Congress, the Pillar Sponsor is an essential component to the success of the conference. Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises make up the backbone of global GDP, and ICSB is on a mission to gather as many as possible together in order to support their important work. The Pillar Sponsor directly contributes to the greater good of society through their generous support.For those who wish to demonstrate their support, regard, and commitment to small businesses worldwide, the Dynamic Sponsor allows for key decision makers in the global economy to join forces at the ICSB World Congress. The generosity of the Dynamic Sponsor contributes to the success of the conference and its mission to support MSMEs around the world.Individual events that comprise the ICSB World Congress make up the backbone of the conference. The Transcendent Sponsor contributes the support necessary to ensure that the attendees are empowered at every turn and every occasion. For this landmark Congress, the Transcendent Sponsor partners with ICSB on an event--whether it be a coffee break or a panel--to ensure that the ICSB mission is carried out at every event, ultimately demonstrating their commitment to transcendent entrepreneurship.Exclusive to universities, the Knowledge Sponsor demonstrates their commitment to the key decision makers in the global MSME economy through supporting the ICSB World Congress and its mission to empower micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises across the world.
Number of registrations20151052
Annual ICSB Membership11111
Exhibit booth (in-person and virtual)
ICSB certificate seats
VIP lounge access
Logo included on Congress screens and materials
Opportunity to provide promotional items to all attendees
Social media recognition and marketing promotion
Advertisements in the Congress bookletFull pageFull page1/2 page1/4 page
Award sponsorship
Dedicated table with 10 seats at the Signature Gala

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Signature Sponsor


The Signature Sponsor is the offical sponsor of the Gala Dinner. Your organization’s generosity will be directly responsible for the closing gala of this monumental event, which brings together all speakers, attendees, and sponsors to celebrate a successful week of entrepreneurship. This unique opportunity will enable your organization to demonstrate its support and commitment to the key decision-makers in the global economy. It will also allow for your organization to promote yourself as a partner of ICSB 2023 via social media, press, and media channels. Your organization’s logo will be included in all Congress collateral and in Pre-Congress communication channels. Through this sponsorship, your organization will become a partner of ICSB and demonstrate support for entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide.

Venture Sponsor


The Venture Sponsors play an important role in the landmark World Congress through contributing to a fund dedicated to supporting up-and-coming and minority small businesses through seed funding. This unparalleled opportunity enables your organization to demonstrate its commitment to the key decision makers in the global economy, which is imperative to the success of not only their start-ups but also to the global GDP. Your organization’s logo will be included in many Pre-Congress and Congress collateral and throughout communications channels.

Revolutionary Sponsor


The Revolutionary Sponsors will be a part of one of the most important aspects of this historic event. Your organization will demonstrate your commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and small business researchers who are making a difference in the world. As a Revolutionary Sponsor, you are directly affecting the life of a student and/or small business owner by providing them with the opportunity to attend the 2023 ICSB World Congress at a discounted or free rate. These students and small business owners are the future of small businesses and the success of ICSB.

Distinguished Sponsor


Distinguished Sponsors contribute in-kind goods or services that ensure the conference attendees have food, drink, and transporation––among others. With this generous sponsorship, there is ample opportunity to work with the ICSB Team on contributions that will have a lasting impact on all who attend the 2023 World Congress.

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