Call for Papers


2024 ICSB

Berlin, Germany

Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future

Join us in the dynamic core of Berlin, a city epitomizing innovation and liberty, to welcome, collaborate, and spark change at the 68th Annual ICSB Congress in 2024. Under the theme “Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future” we invite the forthcoming generation of entrepreneurs to play a pivotal role in shaping an equilibrium of economic success and ethical duty.


Entrepreneurship, a robust mechanism for societal problem-solving and a catalyst for personal and professional development, stands at the helm of our collective voyage towards a future that meshes economic success with ethical responsibility. The upcoming generation of entrepreneurs is entrusted with harnessing innovative technologies and inventive strategies to carve new pathways in value creation, addressing stark global challenges such as climate change and poverty, and weaving a new global narrative that melds economic prosperity with peace.


As we navigate through unparalleled opportunities and challenges, we must embark on a journey that inspires and empowers the forthcoming entrepreneurial leaders to unleash their creativity and launch ventures that will sculpt our collective future. While heralding economic freedom, this journey should serve as a wellspring of inspiration, propelling individuals to launch their entrepreneurial ventures and unlock the transformative power of entrepreneurship for societal good.


Berlin, a city that has consistently been a beacon of innovation and freedom, invites the global entrepreneurial community to partake in this crucial event. Here, you will have a unique opportunity to share your innovative ideas, broaden your knowledge, and play a vital role in realizing entrepreneurship’s social and economic benefits across nations.


We invite you to be a catalyst, to ignite the spark that will fuel the next generation of responsible and humane entrepreneurship, and to be part of a pivotal moment that shapes a brighter, more prosperous future for all. Let’s forge ahead, unlocking potential, inspiring action, and nurturing a new wave of leaders who will steer our global society toward sustainable and inclusive growth.


Join us in Berlin in 2024, and let’s empower a future of innovative, responsible, and impactful leadership together.


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The ICSB World Congress will be held as a hybrid event.



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