Recognizing the Hard Work and Contributions of Our Members.

The ICSB Award series honors contributors and leaders who are advancing the principles of entrepreneurship across the globe. Each distinction celebrates the diligence and drive exhibited by the individuals who bring visibility and support to small and medium-sized enterprises. Past recipients of these awards include leaders within academia, business, and politics. 

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2021 Awardees

2022 Awardees

Global Awards

The ICSB Global Award for Entrepreneurship Center Global Impact was created to recognize the innovative and supportive culture of a leading Entrepreneurship Center. 


Past Recipient : 


In collaboration with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the 2022 Global Award recipients must demonstrate their merit in respect to the following criteria:


Criteria for the Entrepreneurship Center Global Impact award:

  1. Innovativeness regarding programs and promotion. How is this center actively channeling new ways of engagement that are humanely focused?
  2. Impact that the center has had on its target population. How has this program made a measurable difference within the community for the greater good?
  3. Impact on society. In what ways is this center reinventing how they prepare the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators?
  4. Replicability across industries and borders. How might this center’s main pillars be transmitted and promoted elsewhere throughout the global entrepreneurship community?


The ICSB Global Awards in Entrepreneurship Education Excellence were created to recognize excellence in entrepreneurship education at the programmatic level. Two Program Awards will be awarded, one at the undergraduate and one at the graduate level.


Past recipients include: 


  •  The University of Auckland’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – presented to Judith Marecek and Darsel Keane


“The University of Auckland has been awarded ICSB prestigious award for their Summer Lab Center’s Global Impact due to their outstanding and creative venture in creating a more accessible pipeline that welcomes both traditional and nontraditional students in a way that seeks to introduce entrepreneurship in real, accessible, and impactful ways. This global best practice of cross-disciplinary program welcomes a diverse group of people to recognize their entrepreneurial potential while providing a replicable  framework for the global community.” – Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy, President & CEO, ICSB




Following the AACSB’s recommendations, ICSB has decided to revise the Entrepreneurship Education Excellence award criteria. Therefore, the 2022 Global Award recipients must demonstrate their integration with and promote these new standards when reviewing nominated candidates.

Criteria for the Entrepreneurship Education Excellence award:

  1. Novelty, creativity, and innovation. How is this program actively initiating new ways of operating that are both innovative and humanely focused?
  2. Impact on the program’s students. How has this program altered the students’ experience? What data is shown to indicate this impact?
  3. Impact on society. How is this program reimagining the educational experience of the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators?
  4. Replicability in other parts of the world. How might this program’s philosophy or operation be transmitted and/or promoted elsewhere throughout the global entrepreneurship community.


ICSB Presidential Award winners are selected from the pool of exceptional ICSB members who integrate both service and empathy into their roles as innovative leaders. Awardees exemplify the nature of supporting ICSB’s ultimate mission to support and develop micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the pursuit of bringing equitable justice to our global community.


Selected by the ICSB President and Chair, this award honors individuals who feel a higher mandate not only to succeed but also to put their whole heart into the work that they produce, bringing humanity to the forefront of all that they do.

The Global Leadership Excellence Award recognizes those who have dedicated their careers to empowering MSME growth and development. Selected by the President and Chair, these individuals are distinguished in their fields and belong to the ICSB member base.

The ICSB World Congress Excellence Award is presented to the team members who made significant contributions to the annual World Congress conference. Selected by the President and Chair, this global gathering of entrepreneurs would not be possible without their diligence and hard work. 

Named for the steadfast former President of ICSB, Ahmed Osman, the Osman ICSB Leadership Award is the highest honor within ICSB. Every year, it is awarded to one leader whose vision has contributed significantly to the growth and prosperity of ICSB.
About the Award:

Ahmed Osman became President of ICSB during a particularly challenging moment in the organization’s history. Rather than be subjugated to burn out, he gracefully accepted the challenges that arose during this time. As a result, the organization he dedicated himself to is today seen as prestigious, welcoming, and future-focused. 


During his tenure, Osman took great care to execute the 2019 ICSB World Congress in Cairo, Egypt. Here, he designed and implemented the 2019 ICSB Strategy Presidential Conference as a way to reflect on the organization’s current status and push it forward to the next chapter. Additionally, he inducted the first Youth Academy at this conference.


Prior to his presidency, Osman was known for his professional, accessible nature and his kindness. As President, he incorporated these attributes into his leadership style in order to motivate the entire ICSB team and shepherd the community towards its future selves. It is with great pleasure that ICSB announces this award as tribute to the legacy of Osman’s great leadership.

The 2022 ICSB Congress honors multiple members and contributors at the Congress’ Signature Gala event.

  • The Lillian Driver Advocate Award, awarded to a deserving individual who supports women in research and practice in the area of entrepreneurship and small business worldwide.
  • The Best Policy Paper
  • The Best Paper from North and South America
  • Best Paper on MSMEs and SDGs
  • Best Paper from Europe
  • The Erik K. Winslow Best Doctoral Award, Best Paper in honor of Dr. Erik K. Winslow. *Lead author of the paper needs to be a doctoral student.
  • The Brian Gibson Practitioner Award
  • Best Paper from Asia
  • Best Paper from Australia & New Zealand

As the official journals of the ICSB, JSBM and JICSB are recognized as primary instruments for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives of ICSB, which include scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas. The Journals, which is circulated in 150 countries around the world, is a leader in the field of small business research, education, and policy.

Only published authors of JSBM and JICSB in 2020 and 2021 are eligible to participate. 

The ICSB JSBM & JICSB BEST Paper Awards for 2022 will be presented at the ICSB World Congress Gala on July 8, 2022, with a $1,000 award for each paper.

Criteria for the Best Entrepreneurship Center award:

1. The JSBM and JICSB Paper have had to be published in 2020-2021 with a verified DOI number. 

2-The Author has to submit an extended abstract to ICSB at https://icsbcongress.com/call-for-papers by May 15, 2022.

3. The Author has to Register for the ICSB World Congress and be able to present their paper in person or online on July 7 or 8.