2022 Global Award Recipients

ICSB Global Excellence Award: Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship Education

Eric Liguori, Founding Head of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Rowan University

ICSB Recognizes Ruben Ascua for Congress

ICSB Global Excellence Award: MSMEs Day June 27 - MSMEs Day

Ambassador Martin Garcia Moritan and  Ana Bradic

ICSB Global Excellence Award: City Partnership and Support

Andrés O. Hayes | Director of International Trade and Commerce | Government of the District of Columbia

ICSB Global Excellence Award in Tourism & Hospitality

The Watergate Hotel

ICSB Global Excellence Award: Future Leader Award

Albert Bernales, Christian Zidouemba, Ebony Johnson, Emma Keserich, Emmanuel Moges, Kyle Lyon, Skye Blanks, Tammy Nguyen, Tirzah Budimen, Zach Rosenbaum

JICSB and JSBM Best Papers Award

JICSB Best Paper

Crowd funders’ motivations to support impact-oriented projects Eric Mike Mc Laren & Rico Baldegger (View full article here)


JSBM Best Paper

In search of creative qualitative methods to capture current entrepreneurship research challenges
Martine Hlady-Rispal Alain Fayolle & William B. Gartner (View full article here)

ICSB Academy Cup Winners

Cash Money Contractors: Team 3

Analia Pastran – Coach
Aleksandra Chruscinska, Maik Clasen, Peter Colon, Beren Bilgin, Jeanne Barraya, Martin Thomas, Oke Aartsen, Eva Siebert, Cassandre Ferr De Maria, Alissende Leroy, Aileen Bonga, Kyara Syed, Anirudh Vigneshwar Gokul Raj, Nick Nastasi, Bennett Kawas, Romain Richez, Hudson Aikins and Lane Robertson

ICSB World Congress 2023

Gwangju, South Korea

World Congress Academic Awards

TitleLead AuthorBest Paper in
Surfing for survive Institutional Voids and Social EntrepreneurshipGustavo MaglieriBest Paper in Social Entrepreneurship
The Role of Perceived Conflict and Diversity in Organisational Creativity: A Gender Perspective Matilde Ruiz-ArroyoBest Paper in Innovation & Creativity
Mentoring and Launching Immigrant Entrepreneurs Internet Business Frank MarshallBest Expereinces Workshop in Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Women entrepreneurship in developing economies: A gender-based growth model Oyedele OgundanaBest Paper in Women Entrepreneurship
In search of creative qualitative methods to capture current entrepreneurship research challenges Martine Hlady-RispalBest Paper in Academic Entrepreneurship
Responsible Entrepreneurship: A fresh approach in entrepreneurship? Hartmut MeyerBest Paper in Green Entrepreneurship
Escape Rooms in Entrepreneurship Education Ewald MittelstaedtBest Workshop: The Future of Entrepreneurship Education