10 Facts to Know about Gwangju

1. The Hub City of Artificial Intelligence of Korea with 88.5 PF supercomputer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is supposed to be a key driving force that creates a technological edge in the future. Just as all countries value AI’s potential, so does Korea. In 2020, the Korean government announced Gwangju to be developed as its AI hub city. To drive innovation with AI, Gwangju provides the best business environment with basic research, infrastructure, human resource training, and investment funds. Accordingly, related companies are actively entering into investment and starting a business. For instance, in 2021 alone more than 100 companies were invested in Gwangju. Gwangju city government has four strategies to promote as an AI hub city.


First, providing AI infrastructure including a data center with 88.5 PF of computing power and 107 PB of storage space. This supercomputer boasts the world’s 10th highest performance and by far the best performance in Korea. The AI ​​data center, which will start operation in July 2023, provides ▷ AI solution service (AI application service), ▷ platform service (data collection, processing, analysis, development, and operation platform service), and ▷ infrastructure service (services such as high-performance server, storage, etc.).

Second, promoting commercialization of strategic industries through AI convergence by installing and operating demonstration equipment in regional strategic industries. Currently, support is being provided for 25 types of mobility fields such as connected cars, 26 types of health care fields, and 26 types of energy fields.


Third, supporting 400 AI experts every year as well as researching basic technology in cooperation with five local universities, including the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST, www.gist.ac.kr), a first-class national science and technology research and education institution.


Fourth, invigorating the ecosystem of AI-related businesses by providing funds to R&D projects and startups. A total of KRW 740 billion (US$ 517.84 million) of investment funds will be created by 2030, and a total of KRW 71.1 billion (direct investment KRW 18.3 billion and linked investment KRW 52.8 billion) has already been invested in 12 companies.


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– AI (K-digital) Challenge Day

– Start-up Hackathon Day

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☞ Notable companies in this sector in Gwangju

– Dai Shin Information & Communications Co. Ltd. (www.dsic.co.kr): AI, Big Data, Cloud, Etc

– Join Tree Co. Ltd. (www.jointree.co.kr): SI/SM, EduTech, Etc

– Indi J Co. Ltd, (https://indj.net): AI, Healthcare, Etc

– Tmax AI R&D Center (www.tmax.co.kr): AI, Digital Twin, Etc

– Saltlux Gwangju AL Center (www.saltlux.com): AI-based Fall Prevention System, Etc

– Incored Technologies Cp. Ltd. (https://encoredtech.com): Developing Power Semiconductor, Etc

– BonC Innovators Co. Ltd. (www.bonc.co.kr): AI, Big Data, Etc

– NAMU Intelligence Co. Ltd. (www.namuintelligence.com): Power ICT, Etc

– Inviz Co. Ltd. (https://inviz.co.kr): Healthcare AI Solution, Etc

– NetOn Co. Ltd. (https://neton.co.kr): AI Face Recognition Technology, Etc


2. UNESCO designated Gwangju as Creative City of Media Arts

Gwangju has long earned a reputation as a city of culture and art. Recently, Gwangju’s cultural sector is evolving into a digital content production base by converging with AI, AR/VR, 5G, metaverse as well as e-Sports with IT technology, playing an important role in leading the cultural Korean wave in the world. In December 2014, UNESCO designated Gwangju as a city of creative media art. Naturally, you can enjoy digital media art works all over the city.


Multiple international events in the field of arts and cultural contents are held in Gwangju. Renowned international events include the Gwangju Biennale (www.kwangjubiennale.org), the Gwangju Design Biennale (https://gdb.or.kr), and the Gwangju ACE Fair (www.acefair.or.kr), an annual cultural content exhibition, etc. The Web Animation Festival (WAF), which has been held since 2004, is a festival event that includes award and conferences in the field of animation.


There are more than 1,000 companies in 10 fields – one-person creation, YouTuber, webtoon, animation/characters, movies/videos, music, performances, games, interactive augmented reality contents, mobile apps, ICT/SW/AI – in Gwangju.

There are various organizations and facilities to boost cultural contents industry. Gwangju Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GICON) supports funds, legal advice, distribution, marketing, and production facilities rental over from preliminary start-up to early start-up, take-off stage, IPO and entry to global market. The Asian Cultural Center (ACC), which supports international cultural exchange, is also a must-visit facility.



The facilities and equipment that support the cultural contents industry are as follows.

▷ Gwangju CGI Center (Computer Generated Imagery Center)

▷ Gwangju Content Cube

▷ Gwangju Music Industry Promotion Center

▷ Gwangju Video Complex Cultural Center

▷ Gwangju Contents Hub (Jeonil Building 245)

▷ Gwangju Contents Incubation Center

▷ Gwangju e-Sports Stadium

▷ Gwangju Smart Mobile App Development Support Center

▷ Gwangju Smart Media Center

▷ Gwangju Contents Korea Lab

▷ Gwangju Global Game Center


☞ Related events at the ICSB 2023 World Congress

– Animation Day

– Short Film Day

– e-Sports Day

– HE_HumaneprEnuers

– WE_WomenenprEnuers


☞ Notable companies in this sector in Gwangju

– Maro Studio (www.marostudio.net): Production of TV series and theater animation, Etc

– Studio W.Baba (www.studiowbaba.com): Production of TV series and theater animation, Etc

– Studio Button (www.studiobutton.kr): Production of TV series and theater animation, Etc

– Eyecream Animation Studio (http://www.eyescream.tv): Production of TV series animation, Meta Human Contents, Etc

– Campfire Aniworks (www.campfireani.com): Production of TV series animation, Etc

– 매그논 스튜디오 (명정희)

– Witches (www.witches.kr): Contents production of AR/VR/Game, Etc

– GenieSoft (https://geniesoft.io): Contents production of AR/VR/Game/Blockchain, Etc

– Studio Zilpung (www.zilpungstudio.com): Production of webtoon, Etc

– Gonggam Media (https://gonggam2019.co.kr): Production of webtoon, Etc

– 동혜 스튜디오 (김민주)

– 이지팜 (안영주)


3. Mobility industrial city with two automakers

The automobile sector is a major industry that accounts for 43.1% of the total sales of manufacturers and 23.3% of the number of employees of Gwangju city. Gwangju is the second largest automobile production city in Korea, producing 720,000 cars annually. Kia Motors’ Gwangju plant plans to produce 620,000 units from 2023 through facility expansion, and Gwangju Global Motors (GGM), which was created as a local win-win job creation in 2019, has an annual production capacity of 100,000 units. Also, there are 568 auto parts companies that produce OEM parts, A/S parts, and eco-friendly auto parts.


Gwangju’s automobile industry is pursuing a paradigm shift from the existing value chain structure centered on internal combustion engines such as car body, powertrain, and electric field to the future mobility industry such as control, sensor, actuator, and vehicle battery.

In the eco-friendly auto parts cluster built around the Jingok Industrial Complex and the Bit Green Industrial Complex, various supporting organizations such as Korea Automobile Research Institute (KATECH) and Gwangju Green Car Promotion Agency (GIGA) are involved in all-round support from cutting-edge technology R&D, necessary certifications, industrial complex move-in consulting to product commercialization, marketing, and investment to overseas expansion.


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☞ Notable companies in this sector in Gwangju

– Alps Korea Co. Ltd. (www.alpsalpine.com/ko): Switch & Sensor, Airbag

– Dayou A-Tech Co. Ltd. (www.dayouat.co.kr): Automobile seats

– Kumho HT Co. Ltd. (www.kumhoht.com): Safety automotive lights

– Kovico Co. Ltd. (www.kovico.com): Small-sized rear deck/dump kit, Specially designed vehicle, Military vehicle, Bus chassis, Etc

– Howon Co. Ltd. (www.howon.com): Filters, Parts for frame/bodies, Etc

– Moodeung Co. Ltd. (www.moodng.com): Panel assembly, Front door trim, Floor carpet, Etc

– Cams Co. Ltd. (https://icams.kr): Bumper Assembly (front, rear), Etc

– Najeon Co. Ltd. (www.najeon.co.kr): Trim assembly (luggage side), Etc

– Gwangil Co. Ltd. (www.gwang-il.com): Pannel assembly, Etc

– Hyundai Hitec Co. Ltd. (www.hht.kr): Shark-fin Antenna, PCB assembly, Camera & module, Controller, LED products, Etc

4. Energy Industry Valley of Korea

Gwangju city government declared to complete ‘2045 Carbon Neutral, Energy Self-Reliant City’ in July 2020 to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. And, it is vigorously supporting diffusion of new and renewable energy such as solar power and other low-carbon and distributed energy, energy storage system (ESS), and promoting new energy industry.


Underpinning these policies is the local energy business base and research infrastructure. A key initiative for this establishes the energy industry convergence complex. The complex promotes collaboration by integrating large-scale energy power generation facilities in a certain area with energy-related companies, institutions, and research institutes and by supporting R&D to foster the energy industry.

Surrounding areas of Gwangju locate Korean government-owned energy related companies such as KEPCO, KEPCO KDN, and Korea Electric Power Exchange (KEPCO) etc. Also Korea Energy Engineering University (KENTECH), which stands for Korean MIT, opened in 2022.


About 530 companies have moved into the Energy Valley so far, developing and producing various energy-related products and technologies. In the Valley, various projects are being carried out, such as the development of new future-oriented convergence energy technologies, the development of core technologies for power conversion and smart distribution, and the establishment of a multi-terminal DC terminal platform. To support this, the Korea Electric Research Institute, an internationally accredited testing and certification institution, and the next-generation high-capacity battery redox flow battery test and certification center are located here.


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☞ Notable companies in this sector in the region

– Sebang Industrial Co. Ltd. (www.sebangind.com): Batteries, Etc

– ELT Co. Ltd. (https://eltenergy.com): ESS, Generator, Etc

– Hysolution Co. Ltd. (www.hysolution.co.kr): Monitoring system, Etc

– Amitek Co. Ltd. (www.amitek.kr): AI-based energy management system, Intelligent Power Measuring, Solar Integrated Operation, Etc

– 그린정보시스템 (이숙희)

– Topinfra Co. Ltd. (https://topinfra.co.kr): Solar energy, Solar power O&M, Etc

– Hugreen Power Co. Ltd. (www.hugreenpower.com): Development/manufacturing of hydrogen generators and fuel cell systems, Etc

– Incell Co. Ltd. (https://incell.kr): ESS, Batteries, Etc

– Hyundai Rotech Co. Ltd. (www.rotech.kr): Extra High/low Voltage Switch Gear, Solar Power Station, Etc

– IBT Co. Ltd. (www.rocketibt.co.kr): Industrial Batteries, Etc

– Hogreen Air Co. Ltd. (www.hogreen.com): Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Drone, Anti-drone System, Etc

5. Center for Air Control Appliances

Air quality is closely related to quality of life. As the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) under the World Health Organization (WHO) designated fine dust as a group 1 carcinogen in 2013, the seriousness of fine dust that threatens human health is receiving great attention.


Market related to fine dust consists of the traditional fields such as air cleaners, dust collectors, catalysts, filters, and exhaust gas solutions, and is also expanding significantly in new sectors such as drones and future industries such as the supply of eco-friendly vehicles. In addition, the demand for masks, clothes dryers, sterilizers, and high-performance air purifiers, which have been established as daily necessities, is rapidly growing.



Gwangju city government established the Air Appliance Innovation Support Center in 2018, and nurtured it as a professional certification testing institution for indoor home air purifiers, ventilation devices, and filters. The Air Improvement Demonstration Center, which is being built with the goal of completion in 2023, plans to establish additional infrastructure for gas sensor and sterilizer certification to promote certification services for new convergence products. About 150 member companies are currently participating in the Korea Air Industry Promotion Association (KAIPA), headquartered in Gwangju, producing various types of air electronics from industrial to home use.


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☞ Notable companies in this sector in the region

– Winia Co. Ltd. (www.winia.com): Air conditioner, Air Purifier, Kimchi Refrigerator, Etc

– CLK Corporation (www.carrier.co.kr): Residential Air Conditioning, Light- Commercial air conditioning, Commercial & Industrial Products, Home Appliances & Accessories

– DH Global Co. Ltd. (https://global-dh.com): Dehumiditifier, Refrigerator, Etc

– Daeyoung Electronics Co. Ltd. (www.dyelc93.com): Air Purifier, Humidifier, Etc

– DK Co. Ltd. (https://e-dk.co.kr): Air Purifier, Sterilizer, ehumiditifier, Etc

– 한영피엔에스 (김윤섭)

– 두영실업 (김영종)

– Green Tech Co. Ltd. (https://greentech.or.kr): Heat exchanger for Air Conditioner/Refrigerator/Car, Valves for Air Conditioning, Etc

– 광원이엔지 (정웅용)

– 조인트리 (김흥중)


6. Emerging Strategic Industry, Medical & Healthcare

Gwangju’s medical industry began to flourish in 2002, starting with the operation of the Titanium Special Alloy Center for the development of dental medical devices. Further, biomedical industry has been selected as a regional core industry since 2014. It has focused on biomedical fields made of polymers, ceramics, and silicones, and has been extended to all fields of the medical industry. There were only two medical industry-related companies in 2002, but as of the end of 2021, 490 related companies, recording high growth of over 20.8% on average over the past three years.


The strength of the Gwangju medical device industry is the cooperative network between industry, academia, and hospitals. They have being full-cycle collaboration from product development through non-clinical and clinical trials to commercialization support.

There are 12 medical infrastructures for supporting corporation which are centering on two university dental hospitals, and Gwangju Techno Park. And, there are also in-depth medical research institutes. The Korea Micro-Medical Robotics Research Institute and the Asian Dementia Research Foundation, they are conducting research in related fields such as the establishment of big data for early detection, prevention, and overcoming of diseases.


On the other hand, as an AI hub city, a healthcare data center will be built in the digital infrastructure of the AI ​​cluster by 2024, a foundation for nurturing a high-tech medical industry centered on AI medical devices, digital bioabsorbable medical devices, and artificial organs. It also has strengths in that it possesses technical and technical skills.

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☞ Notable companies in this sector in the region

– Korea Prime Pharm Co. Ltd. (www.koreaprime.co.kr): ETC/OTC Medicine, Etc

– Geo Medical Co. Ltd. (www.geomedical.co.kr): (Disposable) Contact Lens. Etc

– Nanoom Tech Co. Ltd. (www.nanoomtech.com): AED, X-ray Bone Mineral Densitometer, High Frequency Stimulator, Active Frequency Generator, Etc

– TDM Co. Ltd. (https://tradimedics-e.com): Medical devices for insertion into the human body (screws and plates for bone junction, intervertebral body fixing materials, intramedullary fixing rods, etc)

– Anygen Co. Ltd. (www.anygen.com): Peptides for medical and industrial

– TPS-Korea Co. Ltd. (윤준석)

– Kuwotech Co. Ltd. (www.kuwotech.com): Fixture Endosseous Implant, Milling Ceramic, Mask, Etc

– Hudens Bio Co. Ltd. (www.hudens-bio.com): Dental Materials & Devices

– Search Medicals Co. Ltd. (https://searchmedi.co.kr): Sugical Sutures, PDO Thread, Dental Implant, Nasal Silicone Implant

– New Bio Co. Ltd. (www.contact-bio.com): Contact Lens

7. Photonics Industry that makes the City of Light Shine

Photonics industry is a field that recognizes light as a resource with economic value and creates added value using light. It includes parts materials, equipment and systems made by utilizing optical technology as a core technology. The photonics industry is one of the three specialized industrial sector in Gwangju along with healthcare and mobility.


Starting with the LED and application sectors in the early 2000s, it has developed into optical communication, laser, optical sensor, lens, and optical material industries. Based on this, it is being advanced into optical convergence industries such as optical energy/environment, optical medical/bio, and display/ICT convergence.


The number of companies related to the photonics industry is 315 as of 2022. Korea’s leading optical research, certification, and business support organizations, including the Korea Photonics Industry Promotion Association (KAPID) and the Korea Optical Technology Institute (KOPTI), are gathered in Gwangju. Recently, an Optical Material Center was opened to achieve self-reliance of optical materials and parts for camera lenses in Korea.


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☞ Notable companies in this sector in the region

– LG Innotech Co. Ltd. (www.lginnotek.com): Optics Solutions

– Top Solar Co. Ltd. (www.topsolar.kr): Solar Energy

– Kumho HT Co. Ltd. (www.kumhoht.com): Safety automotive lights

– OE Solutions Co. Ltd. (https://oesolutions.com): PON/Burst-mode Transceivers, Optical Transceivers, Smart SFPs

– Wooriro Co. Ltd. (www.wooriro.com): Passive/Active Optical Communication Devices, LRF(LASER RangeFinder) Receiver, Etc

– TopInfra Co. Ltd. (https://topinfra.co.kr): Solar energy, Solar power O&M, Etc

– MSGOC Co. Ltd. (www.glights.com): Optical Cables, PLC Splitter, Spectrometer, Water Quality Monitoring Sensor

– Geo Medical Co. Ltd. (www.geomedical.co.kr): Optical Materials

– NH Networks Co. Ltd. (www.nhss.co.kr): CCTV Cameras, Etc

– Opticis Co. Ltd. (www.opticis.com): Fiber-Optics Extension Link, Matrix Router, Convertor, Etc

8. A City of Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace

Gwangju symbolizes democracy, human rights, and peace. It is the result of expressing the will of the civic community as a city identity to capture the value of respect for people, the sacrifice and role of citizens in the Gwangju Democratization Movement in May 1980 in the process of democratization in Korea. Gwangju City has been awarding the ‘Gwangju Human Rights Award’ every year on May 18 to domestic and foreign individuals or organizations who have contributed to human rights, unification, and peace for mankind since 2000.


Major facilities and memorials related to democracy, human rights, and peace in Gwangju are as follows.

▷ May 18 Democratization Movement Archives: designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

▷ 5.18 Memorial Cultural Center: to commemorate the noble sacrifice of the 5.18 democratization movement and to use it as a place of education for future generations.

▷ 5.18 National Cemetery: a space to commemorate the victims of the 5.18 democratization movement, and a space to confirm the spirit and historical significance of the democratization movement.


☞ Related events at the ICSB 2023 World Congress

– Get to Know Gwangju

9. A Region of Taste

Gwangju has been known as a city of taste since ancient times. Gourmet tourists visiting Gwangju in search of taste are on the rise, and Gwangju Kimchi Town operates a Kimchi Museum and Kimchi Education Experience Center. Visitors can taste the best Korean food in Gwangju.


In particular, they are welcoming people who enjoy gourmet food by recommending from 7 dishes that can be tasted in Gwangju. 7 Must Try Foods in Gwangju includes Tteokgalbi (grilled short rib patties), Ori tang (duck soup), Mudeungsan Bori-bap (boiled barley rice from Mudeungsan), Gwangju Hanjeongsik (Korean table d’hote), Sangchu tui gim (fried squid and lettuce), Yukjeon (meat pancake), and Jumeok-bap (rice balls).


☞ Related events at the ICSB 2023 World Congress

– Get to Know Gwangju (Making My own Kimchi)


10. Tourist Attractions worth Visiting

Gwangju has three UNESCO-designated heritage sites. The May 18 Democratization Movement document was designated as a UNESCO Human Rights Archives (2011), the Gwangju Media Art Platform as the UNESCO Creative City of Media Art (2014), and Mudeungsan Columnar Joints as a UNESCO Global Geopark (2018).

※ Major events during ICSB 2023 World Congress in surrounding area

▷ 2023 Suncheon Bay Garden Fair (2023. 4. 1. ~ 10.31. / scbay.suncheon.go.kr/expo/)

▷ 14th Gwangju Biennale (2023. 4. 7. ~ 7. 9. / www.gwangjubiennale.org/)

▷ 2023 Gwangju Design Biennale (2023. 9. 1. ~ 10.31.)

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Mr. Abouelazm has accumulated 25 years of experience in banking, finance, economic development and investment finance. Mr. Abouelazm was earlier the Deputy Director of the German Development Bank (KFW) in Egypt.

Mr. Abouelazm is recognized as one of the main resource executives in Egypt in the field of management of financial service companies, policy structuring, operational management and corporate structuring.

Mr. Abouelazm has participated in the formulation of the National Micro Finance Strategy for Egypt and is a lecturer on Entrepreneurship development, financial services delivery and Management. He is recognized as a reference in the field by various financial institutions and service-providers. He is also an angel investor in a number of start ups and mentor to a number of entrepreneurs and advisor for Fin tech startups.

Mr. Abouelazm received a B.A in Economics from the American University in Cairo in 1993 and an AUC Masters Degree in Development specializing in Commercialization and Development of Micro Enterprises in 2004.

Mr. Abouelazm is a board member of the International council for small business (ICSB) , President of the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE).

He is a Board Member and Member of the restructuring committee, HR and MF committee of Nasser Social Bank. Mr. Abouelazm is also a board member of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA).

Hermawan Kartajaya

Board Member, ICSB


Hermawan Kartajaya, the President of World Marketing Association, is one of the “50 Gurus Who Have Shaped The Future of Marketing” appointed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom (CIM-UK).

Alex DeNoble

Board Member, ICSB


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Alex DeNoble

Ahmed Osman

Board Chair, ICSB


Chairman of the Board at International Council for Small Business (ICSB) & CEO CHROME

Ki-Chan Kim

Professor, Chairman at Korea Testing Certification


Dr. Ki-Chan Kim is a Professor of Management at the Catholic University of Korea. 


Professor Kim envisions a world where SMEs and established companies work in partnership.

Professor Kim teaches various MBA tracks including Humane Entrepreneurship, Platform Strategy, and Korea Management (K-Management). He served as Vice-Chancellor of the University and before that, he served as the Dean of the Business School.

Professor Kim advised numerous startups, SMEs, as well as more established enterprises such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors. He continues to advise these companies – for them to achieve a sustainable business model and eco-system. He believes with the right humane partnership model, the business will attract the most qualified workers, which will bring longevity to the industry.

More recently, Dr. Kim served as the Chairman of the Innovation Economy Division at the National Economic Advisory Council (NERC) for the President of South Korea, as well as the President of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and much more.

During his presidency at the ICSB, Professor Kim emphasized the happiness of employees in small and medium enterprises. From his extensive research in the automotive production line, he has found an undeniable connection between the worker’s satisfactory level of work and commitment to the product. Hence why Professor Kim estimates Employee’s dedication level as the ultimate asset of the company. With Dr. Kim’s initiatives (along with ICSB colleagues), the United Nations have declared June 27 as the UN MSMEs Day.

Dr. Kim’s most recent publication: “The Joy of Innovation (2019)” has been selected as the National Book Award of South Korea, King Sejong Book Collection 2020. The book highlights how businesses can stay competitive through innovation in a fluctuating market.

Ki-Chan Kim

Winslow Sargeant

Incoming Board Chair, ICSB


Winslow Sargeant is the Senior Advisor for Globalization and Head of Capital Markets for Genaesis. In this role, he syndicates opportunities with unaffiliated third-party capital partners – both domestically and internationally – facilitating optimized valuations and deal structures. He is also incoming Chair of the Board with the International Council for Small Business (ICSB).


From 2017-2020, Dr. Sargeant served as the President-Elect and Senior Vice President for Development and ICSB Vice President for Partnerships, respectively. During his tenure, he has work to educate government and non-profit organization leaders on what is required to build sustainable ecosystems for small businesses. With ICSB, he worked with select group to nations for the establishment of the Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized (MSMEs) ratified by the United Nations General Assembly on April 6, 2017. Dr. Sargeant help organized the annual Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) forum at the United Nations, held since 2017. From 2010 to 2015, he was the Chief Counsel for Advocacy with the United States (US) Small Business Administration (SBA)Office of Advocacy. Appointed by the President of the United States (POTUS) and later confirmed by the US Senate, the Chief Counsel for Advocacy directs the office. The Chief Counsel advances the views, concerns, and interests of small business before Congress, the White House, federal agencies, federal courts, and state policy makers. Economic research, policy analyses, and small business outreach help identify issues of concern. Regional Advocates and an office in Washington, DC, support the Chief Counsel’s efforts. From 2006 to 2009, he was the managing director at Venture Investors, LLC (VI), and early stage venture capital firm, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin and $200M under management, VI invested in innovative research from leading universities in the upper Midwest. From 2001 to 2005, he was the program manager for the Small Business Innovations Research (SBIR) program Electronics topic in Industrial Innovation, a new office in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Engineering Directorate. The SBIR program invests more than $100M per year in seed and early stage technology companies.

Winslow Sargeant

Analia Pastran

Analía Pastran


Analia Pastran, Founder and Executive Director of Smartly Social Entrepreneurship on the SDGs, New York and Buenos Aires.

Smartly is a social enterprise leading the way in coordinating action to communicate and localize the SDGs within the private and public sectors, in Latin America and beyond. It holds three international awards.

Mentor in the Program, Women in Public Policy of Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University, New York. Analia was awarded with the Entrepreneurial Leadership award by International Council for Small Business (ICSB) in Salerno, Italy. Professor of Transnational Policy, Political Communication and Strategy & Geopolitics in the Catholic University of La Plata, Argentina. International Speaker. She worked also as the Director of Communication of the International Council of Small Businesses (ICSB), was a consultant at CIFAL Global Network, the Network of Training Centers affiliated to UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research).

Analía Pastran

Katia Passerini

Provost and Executive Vice President of Seton Hall University


Katia Passerini, Ph.D., a nationally recognized knowledge management scholar with extensive higher education experience, has been appointed Provost and Executive Vice President (EVP) of Seton Hall University. Passerini currently serves as the Lesley H. and William L. Collins Distinguished Chair and Dean of the Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Professional Studies at St. John’s University.

Katia Passerini

Vicki Stylianou

Board Member, ICSB


Vicki Stylianou is the head of advocacy and policy at Institute of Public Accountants, Australia as well as an ICSB Board member.

Vicki Stylianou

Norris Krueger

Sr. Subject Matter Expert for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems & Learning, OECD/EU


Scholar, educator, writer, ecosystem builder, entrepreneur. Consultant to entrepreneurship educators globally, to academics globally, and to world’s best entrepreneurial ecosystem builders, Norris Krueger is proudest of championing entrepreneurs and innovators. How do we grow an expert entrepreneurial mindset? How do we grow a bottom-up entrepreneurial ecosystem? (Both often in the face of entrenched interests.)


Dr. Krueger has worked for and been honored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and its landmark ESHIP program, the International Council for Small Business, Academy of Management, OECD, EU, ILO, UN, and for cities, states and countries worldwide. Locally, he proudly champions the Idaho Women’s Business Center, VentureCapital.Org, the Idaho Rural Growth Initiative and more. Learn more at www.norriskrueger.com and on social media @entrep_thinking.

Norris Krueger

Skye Blanks

Project Manager


Skye Blanks serves as the Junior Project Manager for the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), and specifically assists in the Knowledge Hubs (KHubs) project, which are institutions or networks, dedicated to capture, share and exchange development experiences with national and international partners in order to accelerate development for micro-small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). He also specializes in the ICSB’s Entrepreneurship certificate programs . In addition to being a project manager, Skye is pursuing a BA in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development from The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and he is also pursuing a minor in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the GW School of Business. Before dedicating his work towards the ICSB, Skye worked abroad as a Research and Development Intern for the Barcelona based NGO, Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo.

Skye Blanks

Tammy Nguyen

Event Manager


Tammy Nguyen recently graduated from San Diego State University, receiving a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. While attending SDSU, she worked with the Lavin Entrepreneurship center as the event coordinator to plan and run the California Entrepreneurship Educators Conference two years in a row. Tammy was also the Program and Mentorship coordinator for the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program that has been geared towards providing students from all over the campus entrepreneurship courses, skills, tools, and a valuable network to help develop future and current entrepreneurs. Outside of school, Tammy is President of Streets of Hope San Diego, a non-profit organization that provides food and resources to the homeless weekly. She also volunteers by running 4-6 business events yearly with Awaken Church’s Pathfinders Team.

Hannah Gilroy

Project Manager


Hannah Gilroy is a Project Manager at the International Council for Small Business. She works in collaboration with the rest of the ICSB staff within the realms of Marketing, website design and function, and ICSB’s research journals. Hannah has worked with ICSB since the onset of the 2020 global pandemic.


In addition to her work with ICSB, Hannah runs a collaborative writing company, called Writing You, through which her team works with clients on visioning plans using her skills in motivational interviewing, writing, and editing.

Hannah Gilroy

Kyle Lyon

Director of Registration


Kyle Lyon is the Junior Project Manager at the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), and primarily oversees membership, registrations, and financial activities for the ICSB. In addition to his duties, Kyle is a junior currently pursuing a B.A. in Marketing with a minor in communications at the George Washington University School of Business. Before dedicating his work towards the ICSB, Kyle served as a Legislative Intern for the Office of Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Kyle Lyon